My studio is located in the heart of Stavanger, Norway, and is my platform for my painting and creative learning. I am a Contemporary Abstract Artist. When I close the door to my studio, I am free and alone. I create when there is no noise, interference or other’s vibrations. This calmness and quietness open my eyes to what I have.

I often work on several pieces at the same time. It makes my flow immense and meaningful.

The process is my inner inspiration and belief in my art. I give my intuition room and let it work for me. The response to this builds itself through paint stroke upon paint stroke, layer upon layer. In each layer there is a new feeling making itself known. The layers become a story, a story about how it started, and how will it end? It is through its complexity, it becomes simple.

My name is Leneluise Alfrida Bertelsen and I am Danish, but currently living in Norway.

I love my process, and I bring it with me in my life through believing in my art!

Art makes us happy, and art creates possibilities.

In a world where you can be anything – be free and precise.